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Laszlo was only 8 when he started programming. Even though he always enjoyed creating systems that others found interesting and exciting, from scratch, it was a quote that brought about real change in his career. Bill Gates’ account of how he built his empire up from a small garage operation to the most successful corporation of its time not by being the best programmer but by being able to assemble a team of the best programmers, spoke to Laszlo on a personal level.

He felt so inspired that Laszlo joined Gyorgy Gattyan - who since became the wealthiest Hungarian - in his entrepreneurial undertaking. Laszlo held several executive positions, improving as the company was developing. 2 years later he became the head of the largest enterprise, which was developing one of the world’s largest live streaming systems.

In 2011 he co-founded the service called Oranum, which is still one of the most commercially successful mainstream live streaming services today. In addition to all product and business development activities, Laszlo took on an active part in marketing as well. As part of this, he also appeared in the video of a Christina Aguilera hit, which has been viewed over 150 million times on YouTube only

Two years later Laszlo moved to Luxembourg, where he took the helm of Docler Holding and its 1000-strong staff. In the same year, he was named one of the most influential leaders in the country. In 2015 CNBC had him on its list of the top 10 biggest leaders of the adult entertainment industry.

Furthermore, in the same year Laszlo launched several companies of his own, in order to turn his ideas into reality and to work with major companies. His enterprises mostly offer Internet-related services, often live streaming, and are present in several countries. Laszlo is a regular speaker at various programs and is committed to supporting start-up events and young talents.


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